Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Some more about me

I started playing the diatonic accordion about 14 years ago. I learned the beginnings of playing at a squeezebox club. You could only get a three year education at that club and I skipped the 1st year, because I already reached 2nd year level by practicing by myself . I was thaught 2 years at the club and after that I had to find my own way in learning more.

I started playing on a second hand CF 2 row diatonic accordion. I still have it. My kids use it from time to time. :-)

After the 2 years of beginner education, I found my way to diatonic accordion workshops. I went to workshops of Dutch and foreign teachers and learned a lot from them. I also joined another squeezebox club that had choice groups into different kinds of music. I joined the Ball Folk music group and loved the music. They were teaching the music, the dances and the playing for the dancers at that group and I loved it. My favorite Ball Folk dance is the Mazurka. I love to play slow melancholic melodies.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Fandango played by GallimauFries

On this Blog I will be posting the music I like to play on diatonic accordion from all over the world.

This video was taken at Radio Middelsé where GallimauFries played the Fandango on jan 23rd 2015. I played the tune on my GC Parigi diatonic accordion.

Introducing myself...

My name is Antoinette Wolters. I'm living in the Netherlands together with my hubby and 4 kids.
I love music. I started making music when I was 6 years old. I started playing Hammond organ and recorder at that age. I moved on to playing piccolo and flute when I was 7 years old. I decided to take some workshops playing djembé at the age of 28.
My mother introduced me to playing the diatonic accordion. I took lessons for 2 years and went to workshops to learn all kinds of techniques on the diatonic accordion after that. I've been playing the diatonic accordion for 14 years now and still love it. My favorite genre of music on the diatonic accordion is melancholic music.
Nowadays I play in 2 bands.
  • GallimauFries.
GallimauFries consists of 3 members. Freek Span plays guitar, banjo and is lead vocal. Ab Ebelties is in charge of percussion. I play flute, whistle, ukulele and diatonic accordion and I sing in that band. We play music we love from all over the world.
  • Sacht
Sacht consists of 5 female members. We all play diatonic accordion. Some members also play flute, violin and clarinet. Sacht plays different kinds of music with a preference to French Ball Folk music.
So far this introduction...