Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Some more about me

I started playing the diatonic accordion about 14 years ago. I learned the beginnings of playing at a squeezebox club. You could only get a three year education at that club and I skipped the 1st year, because I already reached 2nd year level by practicing by myself . I was thaught 2 years at the club and after that I had to find my own way in learning more.

I started playing on a second hand CF 2 row diatonic accordion. I still have it. My kids use it from time to time. :-)

After the 2 years of beginner education, I found my way to diatonic accordion workshops. I went to workshops of Dutch and foreign teachers and learned a lot from them. I also joined another squeezebox club that had choice groups into different kinds of music. I joined the Ball Folk music group and loved the music. They were teaching the music, the dances and the playing for the dancers at that group and I loved it. My favorite Ball Folk dance is the Mazurka. I love to play slow melancholic melodies.

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